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Our History

Yerbasanta and The Reading project: Jardín Municipio Lector, were founded by Marta Rojas and Patricia Arroyave respectively in Colombia. Together along with their nephew: Martín Rojas, and Thomas Marufke (The German Leg) we make the team of Yerbasanta. Everything began with the idea of cultural empowerment within the community of Jardín. Before Yerbasanta existed, there was the project: Jardín Municipio Lector. Today, Yerbasanta not only supports this project but also represents a sustainable coffee value chain. See how we came to exist!

Once upon a time, the project leader, and founder, Patricia Arroyave -together with Marta Rojas- began with “La Hora del Cuento” or “The Story Hour” in the town of Jardín. There and then, she performed book readings in 2 rural and 2 urban schools, and in that time, the project reached up to 18 rural schools with official support.

They worked every day to support cultural empowerment. Then one day, they realized that in Colombia, the coffee consumed was: la pasilla or the leftovers from the coffee industry.  To change that, they started with the presentation “El café es todo un cuento” or “Coffee is a Whole Story”. Here, they connected the promotion of reading with education for coffee consumption in Colombia, and for Colombians, on one presentation with coffee as a central theme.

One day, the official support for the Literacy Project – and the “Coffee is a Story” project were cut. Because of that, they created the brand Yerbasanta Coffee with the aim of supporting a coffee growing family, and create and operate a local sustainable value chain which also supported the literacy project: Jardín Municipio Lector.

Until finally, with the help of private support and coffee sales in Colombia, the project returned to 4 urban schools. We want to extend the project to all rural schools within the community of Jardín. As our success is measured by impact, this year we are expanding to consumers in Germany with the hope of reaching more schools.

Two Women Founders

The founders of Yerbasanta are two women who have devoted their lives to the artistic and cultural empowerment of their community. They are Marta Rojas and Patricia Arroyave. Patricia describes part of the story in the next video. Watch the video to learn more.

We are no typical business, see how we operate:

Now that you know about us. Find out how you can get involved with our work today!

See For Your Self!

See for your self!

Come to visit Colombia, and the coffee growing family, and the beautiful municipality of Jardín, where the coffee comes from. This is possible through our sustainable tourism project partner: Palenque Tours Colombia. Leave us a message stating your interest within out contact form.

Get Some Coffee

Get some Coffee

With this great cause to support, we have a lot of sustainable coffee to sell. If you want to help this cause, and at the same time drink an excellent single origin specialty coffee, place an order here. Since we are a small company, all we ask is a little patience. We gather orders and ship coffee directly from Colombia.

Tell A Coffee Lover Friend

Tell a Coffee Lover Friend

If you’re as passionate about sustainability as we are, but you don’t have the means to support us directly,  you can still make a difference by suggesting our coffee to your coffee lover friend.

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